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Sujata Achrekar

Artist Profile : Born in 1968 in Mumbai. Sujata Achrekar graduated from the Raheja School of Art, Mumbai, in 1992 with a Diploma in Fine Art and then completed her Diploma in Art Education from the JJ School of Art, where she currently teaches. She has 6 solo shows to her credit along with numerous participations in Group shows and art camps. She has won several awards, most notably the Maharashtra Government State Award for Portraiture '90 &'92, the National Award of All India Fine Art and Craft Society, New Delhi in 1997 and the Bombay Art Society Award in 1995. Most-times a central figure of her favorite subject, a Brahmin boy, occupies the entire canvas. Her paintings of these 'Brahmin Brahmacharis' painted on a textured surface superimposed on scribbles in 'Devnagiri' script and traditional iconic imagery from old manuscripts create a meditative mood. Sujata lives and works in Mumbai.