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R B Bhaskaran

Artist Profile : Born in 1942 at Chennai, India. Former Chairman of Lalit Kala Akademi, National Academy of Art, Govt of India, Department of Culture. Bhaskaran studied Advanced Painting at Arts and Crafts, Chennai from 1960-66. In 1964 he underwent training in Fresco Technique at Bhanasthali Vidyapith College, Rajasthan. Under a Scholarship from IAPA, UNESCO, in 1968 studied intaglio printmaking lithography and ceramics at Ein Hod in Israel and between 1970-80 he worked on the same technique under Prof. Paul Lingren of Smithsonian Institute, USA in India crowning his study of Printmaking techniques with Post-Graduate studies at Portsmouth Polytechnic, England as a British Council Scholar. He won Fellowship from Department of Culture, Government of India, Ministry of Education, New Delhi successively in 1979, 80, 81, 84 and 86. In 1982 he won the National Award for Graphic Art. Bhaskaran has held important offices, namely that of an Honorary Secretary Laid Kala Akademi, Chennai in 1987.....
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