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Murali Cheeroth

Artist Profile : Murali Cheeroth has exhibited in over 100 significant shows across the globe in the last two decades. Among his collectors are corporate institutions, museums and private art collectors. In the past he worked extensively with printmaking and theater,now he primarily works on painting, video and performance. His visual works refer to a wide variety of sources in the cultural sphere and contain within them a deep conversation with the history of representation in visual media, fine art, cinema, music and architecture. Within the context of the history of visual representation, his current explorations include the architecture of the city, urbanization and urban cultures. He looks closely at the ideas of re-construction, infrastructure, technology, speed and change, intersections of local and the global, multiple layers of urban identities and so on. Murali situates each work within larger thematic explorations in humanities, social sciences and in visual art media. He h.....
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