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Mansoor Ali

  ‘Pasquinade’ Mansoor Ali’s narrative combines the literal and the visual captured in nine rectangular frames. The three words - ‘Nothing’ ‘is’ ‘Real’ are placed in each frame alternating in three rows. Set against a dark background which seemingly makes the words more poignant; when illuminated from the back x-ray lights, appear to flash on the viewer giving way to a reflective stance. A philosophical preoccupation or questioning of the different zones of time and the presence and absence of the essence, results in multiple interpretations and somewhat satirical cross readings. Pasquinade : a sharp, often virulent satire directed against an individual or institution; a work of literature, art, or the like, ridiculing severely the character or behavior of a person, society, etc., Mansoor Ali Makrani specializes in sculpture and predominantly works in/with large scale sculptural installations to create artworks that engage wi.....
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