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M F Husain

MF Husain Artist Profile : Maqbool Fida Hussain, artist extraordinaire, a painter of cinema hoardings, was the architect of Contemporary Art movement in India. After a visit to the Indian Independence Exhibition in 1948, Husain and Souza were inspired to create a vibrant movement that took its clues from the greatness of Indian civilization and away from formulaic colonial displays of Indian scenes. They took up the challenge of setting aside both the British academic art and its clone the Bengal school. The Progressive Art Group that had its roots in Bombay was formed soon after Independence in 1947. Partition that divided India was a catalyst. Souza, Raza, Ara, Gade and Bakre were the founding members.  The PAG through its artwork has been the most influential of art movements in India. Part of their manifesto was to "paint with absolute freedom for content and technique, almost anarchic, save that we are governed by one or two sound elemental and eternal laws, of aesthetic ord.....
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