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Kalyan Rathore

Artist Profile : Born in 1970 at Bangalore. He is a Science graduate and his initial training was in Industrial design where he learnt the various methods of production, design, structural-integrity of materials and first-hand shop-floor manufacturing. His Inspiration for his art comes from Biology and Geometry. Geometry is a medium that gives him the freedom to express. He creates prototypes in paper by cutting and folding before the actual production ensuring that he has the detailing in place. He has received the Facebook India Award, holds a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest sculpture using photographs and has a CNN certificate for video contribution. He attributes the Guinness World Record achievement to an ingenious design breakthrough that was inspired by nature. His art has been commissioned in India and in Singapore, Canada and Switzerland. He has held a Solo show at the Renaissance Gallery, Bangalore in 2009; The “Glade” series – solo show, at Act.....
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