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Amit Ambalal

Amit Ambalal Artist Profile : Amit Ambalal was born to be a businessman. Family pressures made him study and graduate in Arts, Commerce and Law. His elder siblings were sisters and like any Gujarati business family, they were thrilled to have a boy in their family to continue the family business. It is much later that he become a full time artist. Amit Ambalal recalls his childhood days being spent in the large home of his joint family, where three generations and aunts and uncles lived.  Evenings were spent with the men folk huddled around his grandfather discussing business, politics and religion. He remembers being tucked into a corner of this large living area with his mother reading stories from the epics. He grew up in a God fearing and religious family that performed various ‘pujas’ and believed in fate. The family endlessly talked about their star-based horoscopes. His young mind visualized one planet entering and another exiting each family members horoscope .....
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