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S. G.Vasudev
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S. G.Vasudev

INR. 450,000.00

Price may differ based on selection of 'Packing' & 'Delivery'.

Model: L007-A105-01-0716

BASE PRICE : INR 4,50,000
Title: Untitled
Size (H x W): 35" x 22"
Medium: Oil on canvas
Description: Due to age this painting cannot be rolled

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Artist Profile :

Born in Mysore in 1941. Vasudev graduated from the Government School of Arts, Madras in 1968. Vasudev was one of the founder members of the Cholamandal Artists Village, Madras and its community of artists, dancers, thinkers, dramatist and writers in the 1960s played an important role in the shaping of his art. Rananujam's poems were a source of inspiration. He has participated in several group shows and International exhibitions such as the Paris Biennale 1986and the Cuba Biennale 1986. He has had several solo shows in India and his International solo shows have been held in USA, Germany and Canada. Vasudev is also the recipient of several awards.Vasudev's strength is in his line. He works in a variety of medium including copper relief. Though the line is ornamental, it fleshes out his figures and makes them one with their environment in his paintings. His 'Vriksha' series or 'Tree of Life' is legendary with its swirls of paint and strong lines invoking life itself. Vasudev lives in Bangalore and works out of Bangalore and Chennai

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