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Rahul Chauhan
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Rahul Chauhan

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Model: A142-RC-02-1016

Title: Meandering Unison
Image Size (H x W): 36" x 36"
Medium: Oil on canvasDescription: Painted in 2014. Reflection is more important than the sensuality in my paintings. This work is an attempt to demonstrate height of experience like the depth of the ocean. My travels to few mountainous regions in the Himalayas, inspired the making of this work. A deep power that will just not go, making all negativity just flow away. A feeling of awe is forever engraved in the wriggly trees that are dangerous and difficult to navigate… but so magnificently beautiful. I have used symbols from Hindu mythology – A puranic story ‘ Samudra Manthan’ or churning of the sea, to separate the poison from other pure elements or the fish which signifies a safe return, for all voyagers in search of the eternal in the vastness. Or the remains of good deeds done by mankind (in the form of a crow signifies a festive event where mankind connects to its ancestors).

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