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Prashant Prabhu
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Prashant Prabhu

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Model: CAR-A120-19-0716

Title: Gokarna Blue
Size (H x W):20" x 15"
Medium: Watercolour on paper
Description: The watercolour medium is his inspiration. He makes his art seem effortless

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Artist Profile :

Prashant was born in 1972 and has been a full time painter since 1994. He is post-graduate in Commerce. He has exhibited solo more than 15 times in public galleries in Mumbai, notably at the Jehangir Art Gallery, Museum Art Gallery and the Nehru Centre. He had numerous duo and group shows around India to his credit. He is the recipient of a few awards like Maharashtra State Award 2003 and International Artist Magazine top 10 places in 2009/10. Prabhu has also participated in few art camps like RPG Art Camp in 2007/08 and Royal Watercolour Society Art Camp in India 2008 (part of invited Indian contingent). He works only in watercolours and will keep on painting landscapes'2026. in his way! In an era, where all strive to find a individual technique or style, Prabhu makes it a point that his vision and ideas about landscape are his signature; Not style, not subject and not technique. He lives and works in Mumbai.

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