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Paresh Hazra
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Paresh Hazra

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Model: CAR-A118-40-0716

Title: Lily
Size (H x W):16" x 14"
Medium : Gouache on rice paper laid on canvas board
Description: Paresh Hazra remains unafraid to distort the figure to convey deep social wounds. This painting cannot be rolled.

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Source / Offered By : Crimson Art Gallery

Artist Profile :

Born in Tamluk, Midnapore District, West Bengal in 1952. He completed his Art education from the Government Art College, Calcutta, completed his post graduation in the Teaching of Art in 1980 and continued his career as an Art Teacher in Bangalore till 2005. He has held more than 25 solo exhibitions at various cities in India and abroad. He has participated in several group shows in Germany, France, UK, USA and Switzerland, where many of his paintings are in important personal collections. He has received the Silver Medal at the Oriental Art Society, Calcutta in 1977 and the Birla Academy Award, Calcutta in 1990. One of the few artists that still work with old egg tempera, Paresh incorporates fiber textures into the surface of the canvas. His masques depict stylized heads enveloped by plant tendrils. The artist draws freely from both Indian and Western traditions with masterful technique, humour and imagination. He lives and works in Bangalore and Shantiniketan.

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