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Nijesh Mohan
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Nijesh Mohan

INR. 30,000.00

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Model: A148-NM-04-1016

Title: Passcode II
Size (H x W):36" x 36"
Medium: Oil and acrylic on canvas
Description: His paintings are inspired by realism

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Source / Offered By: Direct from Artist's Studio

Artist Profile :

Nijeshmohan was born in Kerala in 1981, is a self-taught artist. In his paintings we can see his direct observations of nature and his free use of broken colors extraordinarily in his way to produce contemporary realities in surreal composition. He use brush as weapon to criticize against effects in his surroundings. His canvas is a mirror image of “bhoodha” “varthamana” and “bhavi” aspects of life. He has taken part in various group exhibitions notably: ''Mystical splendor'' at White Shadow Art Gallery, Coimbatore in 2012; Renaissance Gallerie Bangalore in 2013; Vinyasa Premier Art Gallery, Chennai in 2014 and ''Epiphany'' at White Shadow Art Gallery, Mumbai in 2015. He has exhibited in 2 shows curated by Rebecca Wilson for Saatchiart in 2014 and 2015.

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