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Maripelly Praveen Goud
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Maripelly Praveen Goud

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Model: R001-A152-10-1016

Title: Discovered lines turned into places, forms, boundaries as well as maps
Size (H x W):15" x 21"
Medium: Offset print on acid-free paper. Edition of 9
Description: Done in 2016

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Source / Offered By: Curator / Direct from Artist's Studio

Artist Profile :

Born in 1986, he graduated with a Bachelor in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts. P.S.Telugu University,Hyderabad in 2007 and completed his Masters in Graphics. Faculty of Fine Arts. Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda in 2009. In 2010-11 he has done Yoga Teacher’s Training Course (YTTC) at Yoganiketan, Baroda. He is the recipient of several awards notably Inlaks Fine Art Award by Inlaks India Foundation , Mumbai in 2012; H. K Kejriwal Young Artist Award By Mahua Art Gallery, Bangalore in 2010; National Academy Award in 51st National Art Exhibition Org. by Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi in 2009; and an Honourable Mention Certificate Award in 8th Bharat Bhavan International Biennial, Print Art – 2008 at Bhopal. He has participated at several workshops and residencies including the National Printmaking Camp by Lalitkala Academy, New Delhi at Faculty of Fine Arts Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda and at Regional Painters Camp by Lalita Kala Akademi (National Academy of Art) at Chennai (Govt. College of Fine Arts) in 2012. He has held solo shows: MADE IN INDIA-II (Yoga in 21st century) at Fine Arts Gallery, Baroda; MADE IN INDIA-I (Yoga & Modernity) at Mayfair Art Gallery, Baroda; LUMINOUS LINES at Knots Art Gallery, Baroda, all in 2016; Serigraphs at Mahua Art Gallery-Bangalore sponsored by Gujarat Lalit Kala Akademi, Ahmedabad in 2015. He has thrived in 25 Group Shows like RE:BELLION // RE:LIGION // RE:FORM at Städtische Kunstsammlung Zwickau Max-Pechstein-Museum in Zwickau, Germany curated by Sussanne Altmann in 2015; Yogachakra - Tradition and Modernity at Rabindra Bhavan curated by Archana and Sushma Bahl at Lalit Kala Academi, New Delhi; Print Sculptural Installation at NGMA,Mumbai during BETWEEN THE LINES curated by Lina Vincent Sunish (collection of Indian printmaking) United Art Fair at Pragatimaidan,New 2015; Group show organized by Smart Art Hub at Ahmedavad Ni Gufa, Ahmedabad in 2013; 51 st National Art Exhibition, Lalit kala Academy, New Delhi in 2009. He lives and works in Baroda. Discovered Lines turned into Maps, Forms, Places and Boundaries: I continue to explore the possibilities of the print medium. This process elaborates an extended space to print, an expansion of the regular forms of printmaking, and an evolution of the print itself. It emphasizes the individual and combined power of material and Print. My work involves the transformation of printed-paper from one form to another. Crumpling paper is a process I use to release emotions and feelings, like a catharsis, it also creates dimensions beyond the flattened form. The prints are on acid free paper, using serigraphy, offset and other print techniques. In this process accidentally crumpled lines, themselves turned as unspecified shapes, forms, maps. Enormous possibility of reading these works in many ways. This work always takes viewer in many directions. Technique: Offset printing, also called offset lithography, is a method of mass-production printing in which the images on metal plates are transferred (offset) to rubber blankets or rollers and then to the print media. The print media, usually paper, does not come into direct contact with the metal plates. This prolongs the life of the plates. In addition, the flexible rubber conforms readily to the print media surface, allowing the process to be used effectively on rough-surfaced media such as canvas, cloth or wood. The main advantage of offset printing is its high and consistent image quality. The process can be used for small, medium or high-volume jobs.

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