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Gurudas Shenoy
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Gurudas Shenoy

INR. 30,000.00

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Model: A146-GS-01-1016

Title: Urban Scape
Size (H x W):15" x 15"
Medium: Oil on canvas
Description: A colourful tapestry formed by roofs and facades depicting urban living

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Source / Offered By: Direct from Artist's Studio

Artist Profile :

Born in Karnataka, Gurudas graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.University, Baroda. He has regularly been exhibiting at various galleries especially at The Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai. He has participated in several Group exhibitions in India and abroad notably in the Central Lalit Kala Academy and the Karnataka State Lalit Kala Academy, the Gujarat State Lalit Kala Academy, The Bombay Art Society Show and at the 10th Harmony Show. His awards include the Husain-Bendre Award from the Bombay Arts Society. He served as a Curator for the Husain Sankalana Museum from 1990 to 2006. He is known for his murals at several Corporate Offices having honed his skills with over two decades of art practice behind him. He is a well-known personality not only in the cultural world of Bangalore, but also in the national and international art circles. He has held exhibitions of his work at leading art galleries in India, including the Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, and his paintings have been shown in prominent showcases of Indian contemporary art by the State and Central Lalit Kala Academies. His style inimitably combines aspects of the traditional with the modern, and his work is driven by a deep interest in spatial experimentation – both two and three-dimensional. In the ‘Urban Space’ series, Shenoy portrays a sensitive responsiveness to nature and its colours even as he captures the essential skylines of a cityscape. It is as if the urban scene is ensconced in the environment, becoming a reflection of its organic hues. The evocative layers of paint, delineated with elements of light and shade produce the effects of depth, volume and space. His passion for architectural forms is seen, with hints and suggestions of windows, balconies, walls and roofs. He makes a visual portrait of the city, extracting nuances of its character from memory and experience. Engaging with the history of a place, he contemplates on its rapidly changing present. The surfaces become a meeting point for the real and the abstract. The canvases seem to speak, spontaneously, when Shenoy’s brush comes in contact with them. He lives and works in Bangalore.

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