Artists have created drawings since time immemorial. Used as a means of communication the earliest cave drawings depicted man going about his daily work, the animals that he encountered and the relationships that were formed between man and nature. Things haven’t changed much in the sense that artists are still concerned about these aspects even in contemporary life. Drawings became more expressive and the multitude of art materials that the artist could now choose from has resulted in a vast number of techniques and styles. Browse our collection to find the piece that you find most striking.


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Acquiring an artwork by an emerging artist is the easiest entry point into the world of collecting.  Seeing the artist grow in stature and confidence over the next few years makes investing in art really worthwhile. We hope to bring you such emerging artists from time to time. Be the first to know of a mega star in the making and acquire their works that will always rise in value.

For those who want to collect artists who have already made a mark, we have plenty in store. Please make sure that you only buy a work that appeals to you. Collect an artwork that you want to live with for the next few years. Allow it time to give you the joy that all true art gives to its owner as there is no guarantee that the value of an artwork will continuously rise. Take time to browse our selection.

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Pallon Daruwala

Pallon straddles the world of commercial and fine art photography with equal passion and facility. Educated at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, the Bangalore-based lensman became the first Indian member of International Association of Architectural Photographers (IAAP). Architecture has always been a special area of interest to Pallon whose work has covered a wide spectrum of private and public spaces. Bitten by the travel bug from an early age, he has toured extensively and photographed some of the most exotic, intriguing and unexplored nooks, corners and people of the country. A photographer for whom documenting old structures is less journalistic and more poetic, Pallon has brought to life through his art many living and dying structures in Karnataka, Kerala, Goa and Rajasthan, among others. The images of frescoed havelis in Shekhawati, ruins of Hampi, monasteries in Kutch, and weather-beaten edifices in Cannanore have brought him both fame and fulfillment. Never wary of experimentation, Pallon has continually embraced cutting edge printing technology for his work. A stickler for meticulous detail and quality, he is among the few photographers who print their own photographs. Being on its technical panel of photographers, Pallon retains a special relationship with Epson, the makers of fine-art, archival photo printers. He is the only fine art print master in the country with the official designation of "STYLUS PRO". In 2013, Pallon and his work were featured in a coffee-table book "IMPORTANT WORLD ARTISTS". In the last 29 years, Pallon has dealt with all areas of photography: landscape, still-life, fashion, portraiture, performance, interiors/exteriors, industrial, and design. His images are critically acclaimed for their high aesthetic character where lines, colours, light, shade and texture are highly nuanced, immaculately balanced and filled with deep feelings and emotions.

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