Artists have created drawings since time immemorial. Used as a means of communication the earliest cave drawings depicted man going about his daily work, the animals that he encountered and the relationships that were formed between man and nature. Things haven’t changed much in the sense that artists are still concerned about these aspects even in contemporary life. Drawings became more expressive and the multitude of art materials that the artist could now choose from has resulted in a vast number of techniques and styles. Browse our collection to find the piece that you find most striking.  

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Acquiring an artwork by an emerging artist is the easiest entry point into the world of collecting.  Seeing the artist grow in stature and confidence over the next few years makes investing in art really worthwhile. We hope to bring you such emerging artists from time to time. Be the first to know of a mega star in the making and acquire their works that will always rise in value. For those who want to collect artists who have already made a mark, we have plenty in store. Please make sure that you only buy a work that appeals to you. Collect an artwork that you want to live with for the next few years. Allow it time to give you the joy that all true art gives to its owner as there is no guarantee that the value of an artwork will continuously rise. Take time to browse our selection.

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Photography does not only record history. It even shapes it. By capturing a moment in time, which can be viewed and reviewed by a world audience, the photographic image conjures up life’s joys and pains, it’s ups and downs, its moments of strength and weakness. It records for posterity that moment of pure happiness, of misadventure of violence that shape the attitudes and behavior of future generations. The photographer uses all his skills and understanding of light, colour and texture to record an image. You will find a wide selection of images on subjects such as nature, people, seascapes, architecture and abstract art in YepArt’s section on Photography. Both small format intimate pictures and large scale wall hangings on both canvas and on paper by some of India’s leading artists who are particularly known for their photography can be found right here.


The photographer is an artist who captures his vision through his lens. The photojournalist captures and documents a specific event. A fine art photographer takes this to another level where the subjective aim and intention of the photographer is at the forefront. Photography since its inception has pushed the boundaries of Art.


With the improvement of printing technology, a photographer’s art prints are being produced in limited editions and have thus become interesting collectibles. A thriving market had thus emerged for archival quality art prints created by eminent photographers in these limited editions.  Many photographers choose black and white over color as this gives a timeless quality to the photos.


The uninitiated confuse these photographic art prints with prints done by artists using print as a medium (as opposed to photography as a medium) in creating serigraphs, etchings, lithographs etc. Both these art genres should not be confused with ‘digital prints’ of paintings.


Navroze Contractor who has been a Cinematographer for many award winning feature films and is an important contributor to the International documentary film scene in one of the featured photographers on YepArt. He has had seven man shows of his still photographs. two in Bombay, two in Bangalore, one in Chennai and two in San Francisco, USA. His photographs of jazz musicians are in the collection of the Smithsonian Museum, Washington DC, USA and are now available on YepArt. His photographs of legendary artist Bhupen Khakhar are in the collection of TATE Modern, London. Navroze studied for a BA (Fine Arts) degree in painting and photography at the Faculty of Fine Arts, M. S. University of Baroda. At the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, he studied direction and cinematography. He studied photography with Bhupendra Karia, advanced cinematography with Laszlo Kovacs (famous for shooting EASY RIDER) in USA and video production at Sony Corporation, Tokyo, Japan. Navroze has been the cinematographer for many award winning feature films like ‘DUVIDHA’ directed by Mani Kaul, ‘22nd JUNE 1897’, ‘LIMITED MANUSKI’ and ‘DEVI AHILYA BAI’ directed by Nachiket & Jayoo Patwardhan, ‘PERCY’ directed by Pervez Merwanji, ‘LOVE IN THE TIME OF MALARIA’ directed by Sanjiv Shah and ‘DEVARKADU’ directed by Pattabhi Rama Reddy.


Pallon Daruwala is a regular contributor to YepArt’s wide range of photographic art prints. He graduated from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California and always prints his own quality photographs on Epson who has designated him “Stylus Pro” – the only one in India and one of less than 400 globally. He has had several solo shows including one at the prestigious Pundole’s in Mumbai and his art is continually sought after by serious collectors.


Black and White Spider Awards is the leading International Award honouring Black and white photography. This celebrated event showcases the best professional photographers in their prestigious annual global competition. From amongst a truly intoxicating set of entries, a jury comprising of the most influential names in the industry, selected Pallon’s photograph ‘The Veil’ and conferred on it ‘3rd Place - Honour of Distinction’, which literally makes it one of the top three photographs of the year, worldwide.


Photographs from his acclaimed show ‘Yellow’, which are featured on  YepArt, puts a spotlight on the erstwhile Portuguese colony of Diu. His lens capturing both it’s crumbling but proud history and it’s unique natural rock phenomena.  The Nadia caves have been described as being straight out of an Indiana Jones movie. They form an incredible labyrinth of limestone found at the erstwhile Portuguese Colony of Diu. Parts of them are artificially carved out and some are interconnected via tunnels and steps that sometimes lead nowhere. There are natural openings that allow the sunlight to stream in thereby also helping the trees above the ground to send their roots downward in search of water. Rain and weathering have created rock faces that are unusually interesting. The old Diu Fort, its ramparts, lighthouse, the ancient now disused Parsi Tower of Silence where their dead were disposed of, the limestone caves bathed in sunlight, the silence, the sea front are all inspiration to Pallon.



Another photographer / artist featured on YepArt is the young but talented Vivek Mathew whose tryst with photography began with a simple thought – capturing the brilliance of a moment. Doing what he does best, Vivek has travelled the world and experienced the essence of life, through his camera lenses. And it is an addiction he never wants to get over. Having completed his education at Asia’s top notch institution – The Light and Life Academy at Ooty, Vivek breathes life into Fine Art, Architecture, Travel, Nature, People and Interiors, through his photography. Considered as one of the “Young and Unusual” photographers of today by the India Today Magazine, he has also been featured in prestigious publications – The Times Journal of Photography, Time Out, Design Today, Better Interiors, National Geographic Traveller India, Forbes India, Smart Photography, Bangalore Mag, The Times of India, Femina, Classic Imaging and Women's Wear Daily -New York Adding perspective to his works are his exhibitions, which have brought to light several aspects of daily life. I-Opener in 2005 at the Renaissance Gallerie focused on still life, portraits and exteriors. ‘Waterborne’ in 2007 at Industree experimented with ripples, reflections and patterns. ‘Canvas wall’ at Sublime Gallery, UB City in 2011, was inspired by the rustic and the crude. His most recent exhibition ‘Perfect Imperfections’ in 2015 dealt with nature and man-made patterns. Vivek has also been a part of several commercial projects and ad campaigns, the most prominent one being that of Bangalore Traffic Police’s “Don’t Drink and Drive” initiative. He has also contributed to two coffee table books and his pictures have also been appreciated, alongside various other artists at the important Bangalore Photography Festival – 2007, Shoot Out at Ranga Shankara – 2007, Behind the Lens at Mahua Art Gallery, Bangalore – 2009, Wide Angle - 2009 at Aliiance Francaise, Page Turners, Bangalore – Curated by Mahesh Bhat – 2015 and others.

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